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New West Gypsum Recycling (UK) Ltd

With facilities around the world New West Gypsum Recycling has been a global leader in the gypsum recycling community for over 35 years.

The United Kingdom

By April of 2004 NWGR opened our first recycling plant in the United Kingdom and began recycling gypsum waste. In partnership with Lafarge Plasterboard, now part of the Etex/Siniat Group. We were able to recycle gypsum in a closed loop solution.

Why Closed Loop

Gypsum is one of the few materials in the world that can be recycled with zero degradation to the final product.

Here at NWGR we pride ourselves in using a true closed loop solution. All the gypsum we recycle goes back to the plasterboard manufacture to make more plasterboard.

By using closed loop recycling we reduce the need of using virgin gypsum rock, preserving the natural resources for future generations. This also reduces worldwide pollution levels, Creating plasterboard from virgin resources is far more labour intensive, from the rock mining process to the shipping of gypsum worldwide.

How It Works

Using our patented machinery, we can take wet or dry gypsum waste and process it through our equipment separating the powder and paper, allowing us to send the powder back to the plasterboard manufacture to make more plasterboard. The by-product of recovering the gypsum powder from recycled plasterboard is the paper lining. Working with our dedicated partner, Envirofarm Bedding & Soil Enhancement Ltd, the lining paper is further processed to a level where it is “fit for purpose” and used within the agricultural sector.

Why Use NWGR?

Not only with some of the most competitive rates in the UK. We along with our dedicated staff work hard at offering a reliable and friendly service. As part of continuing our objectives within the recycling community and providing the constant quality of service that is expected of NWGR we have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

With a 55,000Sq ft building that can hold some 5,000 tonnes of gypsum we are able to take same day bookings with a minimal waiting time on site for tipping, plus a secure area for those long haul drivers and not so long haul drivers to take their tacho breaks.


GRAUKI (The Gypsum Re-processors Association UK & Ireland)

Opening Times

Monday to Friday
9AM to 5PM
Tipping times are 8am to 4pm
(last entry time 4pm)


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